About Arindam Mukherjee


I am a freelance photojournalist based in Kolkata, India. I have started my career in 1996 as an advertising photographer and have had worked with reputed advertising agencies, fashion designers, graphic designers and NGOs. 

However, since beginning, I was more interested in street photography; which later brought me to photojournalism. I have started my career in photojournalism as a freelance in The Times of India. I have also worked as the chief photographer and assignment director for EyePress photo agency based in Hong Kong. Presently I work as a freelance photojournalist for newspapers, magazines and NGOs. I  also teach basic and advance photojournalism courses for aspiring photographers. 

Major Awards and Distinctions:

1.Media fellowship from National Foundation for India (2003 – 2004) in photojournalism section.

2.B.D.Bangoor endowment fellowship (2006) in photography.

3.New American Media award (2009) in photojournalism

Major International publications:

(Magazines and Newspapers)
Geographical(UK), BBC, Al Jazeera, The Sunday Times (UK), The Sunday Telegraph (UK), The New Statesman (UK), Traveler (UK), The New Internationalist (UK), Grazia (international), Le Figaro (France), Le Monde (France), Liberation (France), Stern (Germany), Focus (Germany), Der Spiegel (Germany), De Volkskrant (The Neitherlands), National (UAE), Intelligence Living (Italy), Gente (Italy), Forbes, Marie Claire, Chatelaine (Canada), Audrey (USA), Emphasis Media (Hong Kong), Earth Geographic (Hong Kong), Rhythms Monthly (Taiwan), National Geographic wild (tv)

(NGOs and Development agencies)

1.Plan (UK)

2.Hope Foundation (Ireland)


Solo Exhibitions:

1.Indian coal Miners – organized by National Foundation for India at New Delhi in 2004

2.Children of Kolkata – Paid exhibition organized by Hope Foundation at Cork, Ireland in 2007

3.Dark side of the boom –  screened at Angkor Photo Festival at Angkor Wat Cambodia 2012.

4. The Indian Grandchildren of Europe - Will be screened at Delhi Photo Festival 2013


“The Wave that shook the world”- produced by Hope Foundation published by Thomson Press (India) ltd.

Interviews and profile:

1. Rangefinder Magazine (USA)

2. Better photography Magazine (India)

3. Verve photo (USA)

4. Private photo review magazine (Italy, France)

5. Jrphoto blog 

6. The Travel photographer blog 

7. Featured in the “List of famous photographers in India” in 121clicks.com (India).

8. Top photography films.

9. Interview in 121click.com

Online publications:

1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-23422068

2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-23862035

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